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Woodlands Pilates, located in The Woodlands, Tx offers the highest quality of instruction using the top brand equipment in the industry, provides instruction exclusively in The Pilates Method marinating a focus on indivi


Woodlands Pilates aspires to preserve the integrity of The Pilates Method, adapting to the individual needs of our clients. Using this comprehensive approach to the Pilates Method, the Instructors at Woodlands Pilates look at how you sit, stand and move to observe imbalances which exist in strength, flexibility, and muscle firing patterns.   From there we strengthen what is weak, loosen what is tight, and retrain your muscles to fire at the right time, in the right sequence, with the right amount of force creating powerful, tension free movement.  Ultimately if performed consistently with precision, and incorporates your body’s unique needs, Pilates will enhance the way you feel, perform and look!

We place the same focused attention for each client’s unique needs whether they have a named medical condition such as MS or Scoliosis, have chronic neck or back pain, are looking to improve over all fitness, reduce weight, or are looking to improve athletic performance.

We have the highest quality trained instructors, using the top brand of equipment, to bridge the gap between your movement habits, proper alignment, and your goals.

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